Iran Hawkers: Your Obvious Is Showing

I am beginning to think there is a very large portion of the wingnuttery that gets sexually aroused at just the mention of warring with Iran. Seriously, that’s the only way I can explain. These idiots are dead set on making a case to go to war with Iran, which, I suppose I wouldn’t be against if it weren’t for the fact that to do so would be INSANE!

Allow me to repeat that word so that it sinks in a little bit. INSANE! Our military forces are stretched thin from the ongoing efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our ability to build a widespread coalition has been seriously compromised as the last six years of Bush/Cheney policy has put our integrity into question. Also, to do so would mean seriously inflaming the muslim world, something we’ve already been doing. We’ve helped start the fire, fan the flames, do we really need to pour gasoline on the thing as well???

Oh, right, Muslim’s not ‘Merican, so who cares?

So despite all the justification that going to war with Iran is still not a good idea, the ultraneoconservatives are still out there laboriously attempting to build a case to go to war with them, even though such cases are easily debunked.

And in the latest bit of trying to rally the battle cry against Iran, we see Rupert Murdoch’s much lauded and respected news publication, the Sun, report that Iranian helicopters were caught crossing over into Iraq!


This is obviously an act of war, and we finally have a reason to start pouring troops into the hostile nation and dropping bombs on Aminajad’s head! Despite the lack of seriousness of the entire story, I’m going to go for a quick and easy debunk here.

For a good thorough debunk, go check out Cernig’s go at it. But I’m gonna do it right here real quick with one sentence:

Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces have been spotted by British troops crossing the border into southern Iraq, The Sun tabloid reported on Tuesday.

Note how I have “tabloid” boldened? Right… SINCE WHEN DO WE START TAKING TABLOIDS SERIOUSLY???? Holy crap! The Sun’s a reputable paper now, I guess so is the National Inquirer. Guess I should start booking Elvis, he never really died you know, he just got taken away by aliens, but I’m pretty sure with a microwave and satellite dish I can get them to come back so the King can do an Encore tour or something.

And this stuff even blips on Memeorandum? sheesh.

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