Iraqi Benchmarks Won’t Be Met

According to the NYT, not only does it look like required progressin in Iraqi government negotiations won’t be met, it appears as though things are getting worse.

And even if one or two of the proposals are approved — the oil law appears the most likely, officials said — doubts are spreading about whether the current benchmarks can ever halt the cycle of violence gripping Iraq’s communities.
For the handful of party leaders with the power to make deals, the promise of compromise now carries less allure than the possibility for domination. Long-suppressed Shiites and Kurds now see total victory within their grasp. Previous American benchmarks like elections have failed to bring peace and, after four years of unfulfilled promises, bloodshed and sprawling chaos, once wary glances have become cold, unblinking stares.

Hmmm… sounds kinda like, I dunno… civil war maybe?

So much for the whole surge idea, huh?

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