John Edwards Is Psychic!!?

Well, I missed it. I suppose I could have gone upstairs to the lounge and watched Ann Coulter on Hardball, but as it turns out, I had just eaten, and am not overly fond of vomiting.

Apparently I missed out.

According to Think Progress, of all the people to call in, Elizabeth Edwards decided to call, and politely ask Miss Coulter to cool it on the ad hominems which she produces as easily as breathing.

Now, I’m thinking, this is Mrs. Edwards, you can’t be mean to Mrs. Edwards. Everyone likes her, right? Right?

Yeah, not so much. The vile Miss Coulter manages to even act like a complete ass to her. Brushing off the heinous quip she penned years ago about John Edwards driving around with a bumper sticker that says, “Ask me about my son’s death in a horrific car accident.”

Mrs. Edwards, to much applause, nails her:

I haven’t talked to John about this call. I’m making the call as a mother. I’m the mother of that boy who died. My children participate — these young people behind you are the age of my children. You’re asking them to participate in a dialogue that is based on hatefulness and ugliness instead of on the issues, and I don’t think that’s serving them or this country very well.

I have to pause here. We say a lot of heinous things in this political arena of ours. I just recently had to spam block a guy who was periodically sending me emails under the heading of “Dumb Democrat”. I call people morons and idiots all the time, and have likewise been called such in return. Being nice in politics just seems to go against the rules.

But, while they may be pushed way the hell out in no man’s land, there are certain borders of decency. It is foul enough to make the death of a loved one a punchline in your nonsensical screed, but to be confronted with the very mother of the deceased and not show one modicum of humanity or self awareness or shame… I like to think that I have at least a modest mastery over words, and yet, when confronted with this, I fall very short of expressing the level of disgust I have for Ann Coulter as a human being.

Instead, when pressed to at least act like some sort of human being, Ann does what she always does, stutters for half a second, and then attacks some more, this time, claiming of all things, that John Edwards is Psychic, like the man is out there doing voodoo in front of juries or something.

It’s hilarious in a way, the absurdity outstripping what I personally thought impossible. The shit that just bubbles from her mouth like thick, viscous, diarhea comes out unabated, the spewer seemingly only vaguely aware of its contents, her eyebrows raised almost in disbelief at the sheer fact that people gobble it up.

And it’s sad. It’s sad that I’m here talking about it. It’s sad that someone who discharges nothing but useless bile, her words like putrid vomit spilling on every page she writes and coating every camera lens for every interview she is on, receives so much attention. And it’s sad to think that with the things this woman says on a daily basis, she still manages to go to bed every night, and wake up the next morning and look at herself in the mirror.

Yesterday, I quipped at her expense, but today, I take that same quip and turn it real. How do you live without shame like that?

I could go on, but an old friend’s ire, I find, is far more potent and effective right now than mine:

To paraphrase Bush’s comment about terroristsif you support hatemongers with your show and associate with hatemongers, then you’re just as bad as they are. Ann Coulter has absolutely nothing of value to say to the American public. Let her speak to the shit-for-brains that attend whatever conferences she’s invited to speak at all she wants, but quit giving her a public venue to insult the intelligence of the American people.
BTW Ann, nice cowardly approach to wear sunglasses on your interview so the American people can’t see your scared eyes.

Note: Thanks to The Stencil for the link and a couple nice words!

Note Again: Another thanks to the hilarious Jon Swift. How DARE I imply Ann Coulter is vile when Mrs. Edwards ruthlessly attacked HER!

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