LIVE Democratic Debate TONIGHT!!!

Three hours left of my shift, and I was bored. Memeorandum was giving me nothing, I had read everything up there, and written just about all I have to say about what I saw. So I check my friends, Newshoggers, Lastleftb4hooterville, MVDG, Macswain, Gun Toting Liberal. Good stuff, but nothing for me to steal and write about. So then it’s off to the old standby’s, my inside baseball daily reads;, the Note, the Fix…

The Fix… to be honest, ain’t been by to read Chris Cillizza in a bit. So I hop on over, and the moment I start to read his top post, a feeling not unlike a sharp slap across my face hits me.


As the “political analyst” of this site, I’m deeply shamed I didn’t learn about this right now.

I scrambled, time slipping away. I only had two hours to find a way to take it in and be at the computer at the same time… Damn desktops… Can’t use wireless or jack in here at work, so no point bringing the laptop in and heading upstairs to the break room. Gotta do it here… Gotta find a way.

After frantically rushing through all seven internets, I finally found it, the webcast!

You can catch it here at 9pm EST.

So… barring catastrophy, I’ll be right here doing the normal liveblogging thing. I’ve got a little business to attend to, but I’ll put up the post about a half hour before show time.

The way we do this here at Comments does not change. I do a very quick post, and all the action happens in the comments section. Anyone and everyone is free to join in so long as you keep your comments relatively decent. I beginning punching in comments about thirty to twenty minutes before hand to set the stage give you a brief overview and what to expect, and then away we go.

Thus far I’ve been joined by Mike and Mac, and one of the things I’m going to do is see if I can’t do a last minute round up of the usual suspects, and then some.

So… Hopefully, I’ll see ya tonight!

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