Liveblogging The Third Democratic Debate!

Well, we’re almost there. At the time of this writing, the debate is a mere thirty minutes away, so it’s about time we at Comments From Left Field got this party going!

The debate will begin at 9pm EST on your local PBS station, or you could go here to find your way to the webcast, which is what I’ll be watching it on.

As always, the actual liveblogging will occur in the comments section. Between publishing this post and the beginning of the actual debate, I’ll be providing what insight I have, and hopefully giving you some prep for what’s to come.

During the event, you are welcome to provide whatever input you wish, though I do ask that you keep it relatively clean (some cursing is allowed, but please try not to be too offensive). Also, keep an eye on your halo box. A yellow bar will appear if new comments are being posted and you can instantly click on it to refresh as opposed to constantly closing and reopening the window.

Afterwards, I will give a quick five minute sum up, and you can look for a more fully thought out analysis within the next day or so.

Finally, if you are coming from another political site to participate here, and would like some exposure, feel free to email your information to info(dot)cflf(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you, and let the games begin.

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