McCain Quit? Don’t Bet On It

You got to admit, that times are rough for the Ol’ Straight Talk Express. And it doesn’t help when the one thing that sets him apart, issue-wise, from the rest of the field is his stance on immigration. With not even a quarter of the public supporting the legislation, the bill is like an unwanted feather in the Senator’s cap… a very large, very heavy feather… made out of lead…

With that in consideration, and the fact that the McCain camp has been suffering a shaky campaign from the git-go, it’s not surprising to see rumors surface that the Maverick will be dropping out by September.

I don’t buy it.

I may be ambivalent to the guy, and not particularly fond of his stances on most issues. But he’s a tough sonofabitch, and it usually takes a bit to knock the guy down. He went belly up for Bush in 04, but that was understandable. I don’t think he foresaw the doldrums the administration was doomed to hit, and of course with Cheney making it plain as day he would never run for President, John was looking to fill the spot of President’s chosen replacement.

Aside from that, he’s going to run the so-called Straight Talk Express into the ground and further until the wheels come off, and the cars are skidding along the tracks with sparks flying, and squeals raising up through the night (how’s that for an extended metaphor?).

That’s not to say that he may be out by the fall. If money dries up completely, or what’s left of his campaign bails as well, he’ll be kicked out, but from what I know of him, he’s going to see the dismal fundraising totals for the second quarter, and see campaign staffers jumping ship, and that’s going to invigorate him.

Not that he’s going to win anything, he’s just not going to quit the fight until it’s beaten him to a bloody pulp.

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