Methodology Of The Arch Chancelor

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I just wanted to pass this off real quick before I had to go get the little M’s dressed and out the door with Mrs. M to school. The Washington Post has an absolute cannot miss must read on the ability of our Arch Chancelor Cheney to operate politically without leaving any fingerprints.

At once it is an ultra inside baseball look, using x-ray specs and all, and it is a wider look at the complex world of environmental issues. The quick skinny being that in a true spotted owl stand off, the drought stricken farmers of Oregon were being hamstringed even further by Government officials turning off the irrigation that they needed.

The reason? To protect a couple measly species of fish. So Arch Chancelor Cheney leapt into action.

Funnily enough, the article points out that there was an actual legal and non shady way of going about this. There is a very rarely used legal clause that allows one to bypass the Endangered Species Protection act if people are in severe economic distress because of it. Did our Arch Chancelor do this?

Hell no… he don’t need no special clause. He’s Arch Chancelor Cheney. Why the very fabric of science bends to his will. Which is exactly what he did, he made the science behind the actions protecting the fish look bad, and all through either using very very low on the totem subordinates, or, in pure Godfather fashion, calling in the favors of those who owed their jobs to him.

I swear you can almost imagine people kissing the back of the Arch Chancelor’s hand.

And in the end, I realize it’s a tough argument to sell. Protecting endangered species is hard to do when the livelihood of families is at stake. But here’s the twist. When the Arch Chancelor had the flood gates opened so farmers could irrigate their fields, fish died.

Lots of fish.

Enough fish to throw into peril the fishing industry of Oregon and North California, putting their families in dire straits.

Ooohh… that’s gotta suck.

And behind it all, the Arch Chancelor sits like a fat spider, his web nearly invisible. The fourth branch operates like a mob boss, and leaves no fingerprints… that is, until now.

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