More Problems For Camp Obama

By now the noise is deafening. Obama counselor, Robert F. Bauer earlier today wrote a pretty weird piece for the Huffington Post making a progressive case for a Libby pardon. It’s a unique bit of writing that takes an inside baseball look at why someone on the left might actually want Libby pardoned, providing a political context to more solidly link Bush to the Valerie Plame scandal.

The odd thing about this is that this is only the kind of stuff that you talk about behind closed doors, and only if you are really into the kind of gotcha politics that the sentiments behind this post represents. To let such an idea go public is akin to the leaked memo that labeled Terry Schiavo as a “great political issue.”

It shows a kind of cynical approach to politics that a lot of insiders have and a lot of heartland Americans fear they have. Happily, Obama was quick to discount Bauer’s piece as being in anyway attached to his personal views on the matter.

This is all well and to the good, but it does point to something more problematic to the Obama campaign that we’ve seen persist throughout the early part of this primary season. That being a lack of discipline within its moving parts. Again I refer to the MySpace flap and the inside baseball campaign memo slipped under Howard Fineman’s hotel room door.

It points to the fact that as the campaign moves on, we are not seeing the kind of shaping up that the internal workings of the camp has to go through in order to be able to compete with the likes of Hillary Clinton down the stretch.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I support Barak’s presidential bid, but I know enough about horse race to know that if he can’t whip his team into shape and do it soon, what’s going to sink Obama is his own campaign.

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