More Proof Iraq Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

If I’m to understand the administration correctly, the whole point of us being over there is to give the politicians in Iraq enough breathing room to get the negotiations down needed to bring peace and democracy to the ill-fated nation.

As I pointed out earlier, this isn’t working as we see Iraqi leaders actually going away from peaceful negotiations in favor of attempts to grab all out dominance. Even further proof that this isn’t working so well is the recent blasts which have defaced a Shiite shrine, tragically mirroring a similar attack back in February of last year which resulted in a surge of sectarian violence.

In the end, what this points out, is that the key struggle in Iraq is not between Iraqi’s and al Qaeda which only makes up a small percentage of the insurgency, but instead between Iraqi’s and Iraqi’s and our presence there is not going to help in the slightest. If anything, our presence is merely staunching a violence that has deep roots beyond merely the chaos on the streets. We are, if at all, only attempting to prevent the inevitable: full scale bloody as hell civil war, and in some cases we are inviting the violence upon ourselves.

It’s essentially going to happen now or later, and in many cases, it’s happening whether we are there or not, which begs the question why put our soldiers in a primarily Iraqi vs. Iraqi conflict?

Now I fully admit that I’m not the most deeply knowledgable person on the entire conflict, but one who has had his ear to the ground from the beginning would be Newshogger Cernig whose post on this is definitely a must read.

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