More "Troop Drawdown" Propaganda

Unnamed “U.S. Officials” are telling the media that the surge is making progress and our Generals in Iraq plan to start drawdowns in February 2008.

This is just another effort to buy more time so that the Republicans and conservative hawks in the military don’t have to withdraw our troops and take ownership of the Iraqi failure. They want to dump the mess in the next President’s lap regardless of cost in lives and money.

It’s not like they haven’t promised future drawdowns before and failed to deliver. Hell, Atrios just reminded us yesterday of Nouri Al Maliki’s assurance in November 2006 that Iraqi security forces would take over in June 2007. He, of course, was pimping for Bush’s forthcoming surge plan then.

The media might serve us better if it pointed out all the bogus prior promises of drawdowns when it reports all the new promises. I guess context and accountability don’t count when “strong” rightwing militarists are talking. Why should ABC News give a damn if a hundred troops a month will keep dying for their propaganda? They don’t. Worse than that would be providing critical context that might result in some rightwing strong armer placing a call to their boss.

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