My Last Ever Post On Ann Coulter

You should know, dear reader, that I do not take particular pleasure in proving someone a complete and total blithering idiot. It’s not completely fun for me. Sure I like to win arguments, I’m notoriously bad at it when I don’t have research tools like google, and memeorandum and news now to back me up, but who doesn’t like to prove they’re right?

Alas, winning an argument, and proving someone has no net intelligence whatsoever are completely different animals. In one, you are engaging in intellectual discourse, you’re learning some and teaching some. In the other, you have essentially declared someone incapable of reasonable thought.

I’ve long held the opinion that Ann Coulter is a deplorable human being, the lowest of the low, someone who the world would probably be a little bit better if it went without them. But the following is the straw that broke the camel’s back, the final bit of evidence that this woman is not only vile and reprehensible, she lacks also the most basic capabilities of observation and thought.


Courtesy MSNBC’s transcript, Chris Matthews, after being forced to listen to this woman talk about just bombing the hell out of all Muslims indiscriminately, asks her, politically how long a president can wage a long term war. But before I show her answer, I want you to read this little bit:

COULTER: No! No. Because you are destroying the society that has produced these monsters. And you win by killing the other side and not allowing your side to be killed. Withdrawal would be the worst thing we could do. We could definitely fight it a little bit harder. I mean, I understand why Rumsfeld wanted to have a small footprint. It is a little bit different since it wasn‘t a country attacking us, it is this ideology that has spread throughout the Middle East. Yes, that makes it a lot trickier. But the small footprint didn‘t really work. Americans are getting fed up. Democracies don‘t like to go to war, so we‘re going to have to wrap it up quickly and destroy the fighting spirit of the fanatics.

Bold added for emphasis, so keep that little tidbit in your head. Now for her answer to Matthew’s question noted above.

I think—I don‘t—I do not get the sense that—your question—a long time because I do not think the country is burning with anti-war fervor. Except on your show, every night we hear about Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton.

Has it hit you yet? The obviousness of it all? No anti-war fervor? Really Ann?

So, this recent poll that shows public support for the Iraq War is what? Statistical noise? Nevermind the rest of the polls it falls in line with?

And what about Senator Voinovich? Lugar? How about the 2006 congressional elections and the change of majority in both the House and Senate? Or perhaps even the drop in approval for Cogress which can be directly attributed to the lack of ability for congressional Dems to force Bush’s hand on affecting a pullout?


The woman says she doesn’t think there’s an anti-war fervor when just minutes before she uses that anti-war fervor to quickly end the war by nuking the shit out of the middle east!!!!

Chris Matthews tries to remind her, she has an IQ, apparently a high one, but… no, she just refuses to use it, or maybe she lied about that like she lied about her age on her driver’s license. Who knows????

The only thing I know is that I can’t even derive pleasure or any kind of benefit from even talking about her.

So, dear readers, I make this most solemn oath to you. I will never write on this site or any site, not in comments, not as a possible guest blogger, not as anything, the name Ann Coulter will not spill from my finger tips ever again.

She deserves less.

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