New Subpoena’s Issued

In an update to my after midnight post in regards to the most recent DOJ email dump, it seems that the subpoenas for the two Karl Rove aides have been issued!

No link as of yet, and so no details, but my guess would be Sara Taylor and Scott Jennings whose names appeared in the emails released last night.

Update: Here you go, linkage to the recently ordered Subpoenas! And as it turns out I was only half right. Instead of Scott Jennings, the second subpoena was issued to none other than Harriet Myers, which I am sure is MUCH closer to the President than he ever wanted.

As I recall saying months ago, this is ludicrous, and the Administration has become downright self destructive. Had A-gone been pushed out at the onset, it is hard to imagine that the trail would have been led back to the White House… most definitely not this publicly.

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