Newly Dumped DOJ Emails Draw Connections Closer To Rove

Courtesy Think Progress, we are privy to about forty more pages of emails and notices passed back and forth in regards to the US Attorney scandal that began Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ long descent into no confidence.

The interesting thing about this new batch is that it includes a couple of interesting exchanges with top Rove aides Sara Taylor and Scott Jennings. Including the following exchange:

From: Sara Taylor
To: Kyle Sampson

“Why would McNulty say this? This has been so poorly handled on part o DOJ.”

From Kyle Sampson
To: Sara Taylor

“Sara, I’m out of the office but will call you next week to discuss.”

From: Sara Taylor
To: Kyle Sampson

Tim was put in a horrible position; hung to dry w/ no heads up. You forced him to do what he did; this is not good for his long-term career. Bud runs a campaign and McNulty refuses to say Bud is lazy — which is why we got rid of him in the first place.”

This last bit right here is, I think, telling. There is definitely an interpretive slant on it though. One could either see it as the White House playing in the DOJ’s sandlot, and getting pissed off about how the DOJ was handling their end (This has been so poorly handled on part of DOJ. It’s a semantics thing so shoot me. The way I read it, other organizations had a part to play too). Or it could be just the White House taking DOJ to task for setting up Rove’s protege to take the fall.

But the last boldened bit up there is a slice of semantics that I think is very interesting, “why we got rid of him in the first place,” which all goes to emphasize the question how much influence is the White House pushing on the DOJ?

There are of course more questions risen from this set of emails, and hopefully the authority that has been ensured to subpoena the Rove aides will be carried out. And there’s definitely a lot of interesting stuff to read in the emails, including a brief interlude between Kyle Sampson and an unnamed party about David Iglesias.

So give it a gander and let me know what you find.

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