Newsoshpere #2

LOTS happenin’ in the news, enough to nearly force this blogger to tears as a result of not being able to blog like I normally do. But we’re almost through this rough, patch, and we can do this… together.

Meanwhile, another newsosphere, taking a look at headlines and blogs. Tomorrow, I’ll get another Something Light For Saturday Night up (Bush haters, come on down, I got a treat for you tomorrow).

And here we go all the news I don’t get to blog about today 🙁

Go read Salon’s bit about the CIA torture teachers, it’ll put you in the right frame of mind for a book review I’ll be posting next week.

Vice President Cheney has exempted himself from protecting classified information. Dude screw it, I want his job. To be able to just say, “You know what? I think today the rules don’t apply to me.” Man that would rock… I’d get rid of the law of gravity by lunchtime.

Dems pass stricter fuel economy rules for autos, close SUV loop, Republicans still fighting for big oil.

President Bush has achieved a new low at 26%. This beats Jimmy Carter for worst approval rating, leaving only Nixon left at 23%. I know a lot of you want to impeach him, but I say no. I wanna see if this cat can get driven into the teens. I truly hope he’s embarrassed, I really do. After six and a half years of his horrendous leadership, the least I want in payback is for him to have a hard time holding his head up high in public.

Ashcroft talks, more subpoenas issued.

While I almost passed it up because Rudy snubbing the ISG was old news to me, I couldn’t pass up the Rudy Bashing offered by this Slate article, and found it to be all I wanted and more. Definite must read for people who want to know why I so deeply believe his campaign will implode.

Also, in blogdom:

Look who got picked up on CNN’s political blog, the ticker!

The Agonist looks at why the base won’t ever be happy with Dems.

I like this quick hit from upper left, and it kinda reflects how I feel. One of the problems with today’s politics is that the vocal voters want what they want, and they want it now. There’s no patience for what is inherently a slow moving government, and there seems to be little understanding to its dynamics. But as Upper Left points out, the majority can still matter.

Finally, Gun Toting Liberal: burkas are sexy. heh.

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