Newsosphere #1

While I’m not able to put up anything that resembles a thoughtful post, I figured in the few spare moments I get over the next few days I’ll hook yall up with the big news of the day, and we’ll look in on some of our friends and see what they’re saying.

Congress making history… with approval ratings at an all time low.

Bloombergmania may be relatively fresh, sparked by his announcement Wednesday of going Indy, but the groundwork for a presidential bid was already underway two years ago.

Bush vetoed stem cell research again. Who cares about the signing statement?

Justice Department lawyers pushed out for political reasons? Say it isn’t so!

What’s the best way to support a missing soldier? Deport his wife, of course.

And now for some words from our friends.

Cernig over at the Newshoggers takes a look at the apocolyptic view of Christian fundies, and appropriately asks how many movers and shakers really support Israel only to bring about the signs of the “latter days” (which I’m guessing are a precurser to the End of Days).

From Mike van der Galien, Osama possibly chartered flights to expedite Saudis out of the country immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Given the rest of the incompetence surrounding the tragedy, is it really hard to be shocked?

And finally, according to the Gun Toting Liberal, if you think the record low approval rating of congress is a rebuke of the liberalism of Democrats, think again.

That’s it for now… Hopefully I’ll get another one of these up tomorrow. (h/t memeorandum for the ledes.

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