Obama Cleans Hillary’s Clock Again!

Okay, no, not in the debates last night. For my full analysis on that, check in later on this evening.

I’m talking about in second quarter fundraising. While the Hillary camp is ecstatic to announce that it has raised $27 million dollars during the second quarter, a record breaking sum, it has also had to cede that Camp Obama will clear that number by a good margin.

As the pundits like to say, polls this early often don’t mean much of anything, hence the reason so much attention is being paid towards fundraising efforts. Obama’s ability to outraise Hillary for the second time in a row (Hillary’s overall warchest was larger in the first quarter, but the side by side comparison put Obama over Hillary when you take into account donations for the primary only, and the fact that Hillary moved money over from her Senate account) points to the possibility that the Illinois Senator’s fate may not be as bad as his polling trend makes it out to be.

Indeed with a third time improved debate performance, it is very possible that by the time the majority of people who will decide the nominee start paying close attention, he will not only be polished up enough to stand toe to toe with the front runner in a Debate setting, but he’ll also have the monetary and ad buy power to make a successful late push in early voting states that could help squeeze him over the top.

Still, while this is all very good news for Camp Obama, Hillary’s campaign is a solid, nigh on flawless machine, her debate performances are close to perfect, and yet still getting better, and she’s got no small amount of cash as well.

And let’s not forget that Obama still has a double digit defecit to make up, no matter how insignificant it is.

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