Obama Up Nine In SC

In yet another Obama friendly poll, we see the Illinois senator overtaking the frontrunner by nine points in the early primary state of South Carolina. Coupled with a recent poll showing Obama pulling within striking distance of Hillary nationally, it is possible that this is the beginning of a slight trend shift that has the two candidates coming closer together.

The key in South Carolina is Obama’s success with the black vote there. While Hillary is beating Obama in the black vote nationwide, Barack has a whopping lead over Hillary in SC where black people make up up to half of the Democratic primary voters.

So hopefully this is a sign for more good news to come for camp Obama.

On the other side of the aisle, soon to be announced candidate Fred Thompson is leading the pack for the Goppers in South Carolina, with Rudy trailing by four points, and I’ll tell you now. Of the early states, Iowa was probably the wrong one to drop. With Rudy being a New Yorker, it’ll be hard for him to make up ground against the blatantly Southern Thompson. Another interesting thing I think is that Mike Huckabee who has been struggling to get some visibility, polled at five percent, only two points behind the tailspinning John McCain.

I guess a handful of successful debate performances has done Huck well.

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