Obama Winning The Cash Race

Polling is only half of the trend analysis in reading a candidate’s tea leaves. The other half is fundraising, acting as a kind of double weather vane showing not only how many potential supporters the candidate has, but also how much cash they have in their coffers to support ad buys, lawn signs, that kinda thing.

It was this factor that actually bolstered the upstart Obama’s campaign as a very serious reality when pundits were shocked to find that Obama had nearly matched the Hillar Clinton machine in terms of fundraising during the first quarter of the primary season.

Now the Huffington Post has learned that insiders from both camps agree that Obama is going to out raise Hillary for the second quarter.

While Hillary has a currently strong lead in most polls over Obama, the overarching trends mixed with this news paints a rather dim picture for Hillary overall, namely that she is not moving in the right direction somewhere throughout her campaign.

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