Private Bush

According to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, yeah, um… Bush is “in the war everyday.”

Right, you mean like in an advisoral capacity? He’s getting briefed every day (we hope… it’s his war)?


In a humorous exchange, a reporter asks Tony Snow if there is any of Bush’s relatives actually fighting the war in Iraq. Trying to take the wind out of her sails, Tony trumps her by saying the President is in fact in the war, like Commander in Chief style.

Tony Snow, who should by now understand the intricate workings of press conference jujitsu, probably thought he had the reporter down on the mat, but she did one of those weird holds you see in the UFC all the time.

“On the frontlines?” she countered, obviously a little miffed at the obvious dodge.

Tony, seeing he’s stuck to a specific question tries to move on, but not before answering with an assuring nod, “The president.”

ooh… That’s gonna leave a mark, Tony.

I suppose life could be better for El Presidente. Having poll after poll reiterate how much people don’t like what you’re doing to their country can’t feel all that great, and by now even he can’t be oblivious to what is happening to his legacy (for a good sound effect, go ahead and go to your bathroom, close the door, turn off the lights, and flush your toilet).

But these hardships I’m sure pale in comparison to how soldiers on the real frontlines must feel. The ever present threat of death or serious injury lurking behind every corner, this after being shipped to a strange land and strange culture thousands of miles away from home. No, on second thought they’ve got it easy compared to Bush.

What is less funny and more sad, though, is the very probable concept that this little misstep was not just Tony Snow losing a round of press room judo with a persistent reporter. Bush, known for his flamboyancy when it comes to the military (codpiece anyone?) has gone through a great deal of effort to portray the image of a frontlines wartime president. On the surface, the flightdeck stunt and speeches in front of the military en masse may only seem like theatrics intended to reinforce the wartime president image.

But what if he really believes this? What if he really sees himself like Bill Pullman in Independance Day? Like a kind of latter day warrior king who is waging the war along side the troops from his cozy residence in the White House?

How can he possibly preside over this war if this is the view from which he perceives it?

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