Rahm Emmanuel: The Man Who Undid The Arch Chancelor

Perhaps you’re familiar with one Rahm Emmanuel? He’s the guy who openly mocked Arch Chancelor Cheney by drawing up our new government with four branches not three, and then continued to press by insisting that if Cheney insists he’s not part of the executive, we stop paying him for it.

WHAT NERVE! Who is this man what thinks he can stand against the great Arch Chancelor himself?

He’s a menace!

He’s evil!

He’s a friggin’ GENIUS!


Okay, so Rahm’s bid to humiliate and draw Cheney out on the carpet was partly successful. According to the politico, Cheney (at the bidding of his lawyers) has admitted that he is in the confines of the executive branch, and not an entity unto himself.

Good job Rahm. As for the executive order that started this whole mess in the first place? New tactic, according to Bush/Cheney, it was meant for everyone except them…


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