Righties Furious Over Application of Federal Sentencing Guidelines to Libbey

Libbey got 30 months in prison after the Judge basically followed the federal sentencing guidelines.

The Right is furious over this “remarkable” sentence.

I find the Right’s reaction amusing.

The Judge followed the harsh federal sentencing guidelines the right has pimped for years. The Judge didn’t exercise discretion to depart downward from the guidelines as the right has argued Judges should be prohibited from doing. In effect, the judge has done exactly what the right demanded judges do during sentencing.

But no one ever accused the Right of having principles. Screw all those poor schleps who have had their lives ruined over the years by these harsh rules. Libbey is a rightwing political operative and in the conservative world he deserves special treatment. Nay … pardon him … conservatives should be above the law.

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