Rudy: Really Smart or Really Dumb

Personally, I’m gonna go with really dumb on this, but hey, I could be wrong. During my unfortunate time off, one thing I watched with mild amusement was the indictment of Rudy’s South Carolina campaign chairman, Thomas Ravenal for, of all things, conspiracy to deal out some blow, nose candy, snow white, Peruvian pink, coke, cocaine, the ol’ ripsnorter (okay, now I’m just makin’ shit up).

Not the kinda thing you want hitting newspapers when you’re trying to run for President. As my boss brought up earlier today, “You know, someone who is supposed to be running for President as this big anti terrorist, I’m gonna know where everyone is and what they are doing kinda guy, shouldn’t he know about the people in his campaign first?”

Yes, he should. Just like, when he opted to replace Thomas Ravenal with his dad Arthur, Rudy probably should have known that the elder Ravenal was something of a bigot. Ah yes, Daddy Ravenal has apparently delivered such good natured racial barbs such as pointing out white lawmakers who were late that they were on “black time”, because as any good ol’ Southern White Racist knows, colored folks ain’t never on time!

Stupid, stupid.

Or maybe not. Maybe Rudy’s more clever than we gave him credit for. South Carolina is south of the Mason Dixon line. We’re talking WAY south of the Mason Dixon line, as in we-aint-done-fightin-the-civil-war-we’re-jus’-takin’-a-break south of the Mason Dixon line. And I can’t imagine any way for a Yankee “mayor” who likes fags and baby killin’ to get in the good graces of the conservative base of SC than to throw a little barely veiled bigotry their way.


Nope, no reason to believe this campaign is doomed to failure at all.

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