Same Song Different Ending (I Hope)

You got to hand it to Cheney, El Vampiro lovesto make war and doesn’t stop at anything to sell a new one. It began a couple weeks ago when “officials” apparently caught Iran “red-handed” trying to smuggle weapons to the Taliban. And the Cheney faction of the administration is still trying to peddle this story, insisting that the Iranian government is instrumental in arming the Taliban in Afghanistan.

It has an awful odor similar to that of the run up to war against Iraq wherein Bushites headed by El Vampiro himself conflagrated and implied a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, despite the lack of common sense behind the argument. Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq was for all intents and purposes secular and would have been seen as infadels in the eyes of a radical fundamentalist leader such as bin Laden.

Now, years later, we know even despite some persistent hints of conflagration, that Iraq had nothing to do with al Qaeda, and the only reason al Qaeda is there now is because we are, they’re only support coming from Iraqi nationals who want us gone.

Likewise, this whole meme that Cheney is pushing which would undoubtedly lead to more war in Iran bears the aroma of not making much sense considering that Iran considers the Taliban a primary enemy, and not a couple days ago the story was virtually debunked.

Sure, weapons are finding their way from Iran to the Taliban, but this isn’t so much of a huge Iranian conspiracy to fight the USA by proxy as opposed to the virulent drug trade related to Afghanistan, and agents working independant of the Iranian regime.

And on top of this, what could the current administration ever hope to achieve by making war with Iran in the first place? Our military is stretched thin, and unlike Iraq whose army was relatively small and hobbled under Saddam’s rule, Iran is no such animal.

It’s like the administration is driving with blinders on, and the only hope we have of avoiding pure and utter chaos is to get them away from the wheel as soon as humanly possible.

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