Something Hard For a Saturday Night

Well, Mac screwed my plan for this week’s Saturday night all up. I had a few things planned, but then he tolded me I need to rock, and well, damn it all, I need to tear the roof off this bitch!

So the old plan’s scratched, and today’s finale is a video that requires an effin’ disclaimer!

But first, imagine if death metal had a good, positive, uplifting image.

Having a hard time, yeah, well get a listen on Hatebreed’s “This Is Now”

You’ll want to beat the piss out of something, but you’ll feel empowered doing it:

Hell yeah.

Next up, in part two of asskickery, you know, okay, so they kinda bite off of Helmet, but you know what, they hit sooo much harder, and this song just gets you in ass kickery mode for real!

If that’s not the kinda house party you want to go to, you and I can’t get down.

Okay, finally, for the finally of this triplet of ass kickery is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. It comes from A Perfect Circle, the now defunct side project of Tool front man Maynard Keenan. Now, APC never did a real video for this song, i don’t believe, so what this is is a fan made creation.

That being said, I want to warn you. There is a lot of disturbing imagery in this video, and it deals with the terror attacks of September Eleventh, so please if you are easily offended by controversial perspectives on the terror attacks, I suggest you not watch. Also, I would like to say that the opinions implied in this video do not necessarily reflect those of Comments From Left Field nor any of its writers. I’m just posting it because the song kicks severe ass, and I do agree with SOME of the things implied by the video.

That being said, I present to you, “Pet”

That’s that. Hope that rocked hard enough for you Mac. For the rest of you, good night, see ya monday.

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