Something Light for a Saturday Night – Macswain Version

Mr. M kicked off our weekly foray with a clip of Jamie Foxx destroying some guy’s career (the dude who takes the screwing has to try to be gracious but his expression and body language betray the fact that he’s seething) and a second clip of Connor Oberst’s great homage to our President.

I’m taking a different tack … twisted!!! Here’s the music video for Fluorescent Adolescent from one of my current faves The Arctic Monkeys. It’s extremely violent but hard not to watch all the way through.

Oddly, the clowns remind me of the Baseball Furies.

To redeem myself, I, like M, am following up with a second video. A gem from where you might least expect it. Remember The Cardigans and their sappy and annoying superhit from 1995, Lovefool? I hate that song. Then, in 2005, they released a little noticed album. Yet, one tune on that album with one of the greatest song titles ever gained attention through still growing internet and satellite play. Here’s I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer:

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