Thanks For Nothing, SCOTUS (A Quick Post That Develops Into A Rant On Bigotry)

As though delivering a parting shot before taking a recess until October, one last little token to remind us that this is Bush’s Court, the Supreme Court opted to rule against desegregating schools by yet another 5-4 split.

Wait… Desegregating schools? Are you kidding me? I thought we had this handled decades ago? What year is this? It’s 2007, right? Please tell me this is 2007 and we didn’t magically time warp back to the sixties or seventies. The sixties had some great music but terrible fashion, and the seventies sucked on both fronts.

*checking my calendar*

Okay, yeah, we’re in the new millenium. Granted, we’re still talking about desegregation somehow, and the court actually just ruled against it, but at least I get to listen to Aesop Rock and Avenged Sevenfold on my way home from work tonight.

In his opinion, Justice Roberts said, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race”.

Oh, I get it. There’s a problem with this, though, John. You can’t just say “poof, desegregate yourselves.” It doesn’t work that way. I know, God if there’s anything I know as a White ALMOST Christian Male, it’s something about segregation and divisiveness and bigotry. You don’t just sit back and hope for the best.

Sure, sitting back and waiting for things to change is a part of it. But it’s by far not enough, as I’m pretty sure Dr. Martin Luther King would probably inform you if only some bigot didn’t assassinate him. Just a thought.

This is cultural, and societal. People don’t logically come around to hating other people, it doesn’t happen. Now, there are a ton of racists out there that will argue with me on this point, but even then I can usually argue them down to a “Well I hate thugs of any race, bikers, gangsters…” TRUST ME, I’ve heard it all before.

The fact is, it’s emotional, and it’s deep, and it’s passed on like a family heirloom from one generation to the next, and it’s not rational, just rationalized.

People come up with excuses to engage in bigotry. Black people shoot each other and rob liquor stores, Latinos deal drugs and steal cars, Koreans buy up all the convenience stores and refuse to do business in English, Gay people go against the Bible and transmit diseases, Arabs pray to the wrong god and secretly want to blow us all up, White people step on the backs of minorities to get rich and then piss all over them once they are.

Somewhere along the line, in nearly every case of mass bigotry, something like this happens, an excuse is made, a rationale created out of thin air (the dark skinned folk on this really hot continent don’t speak our language, and don’t wear our kind of clothes, so they must obviously be savages that need us to take care of them). Then it is disseminated, passed around, embedded into the culture to the point where the culture becomes dependant upon that subjugation. It’s not just enough to know that black people are beneath white people, you have to rely upon it, what are we going to do without slave labor? Black people can’t take care of themselves!

And it’s always wrong. I wonder how the slave owners back in the day would react to find that right now Black people can not only take care of themselves, but become doctors, Secretaries of State, highly ranked presidential candidates? Hitler relied upon Jew hatred for his image of Germany. Well, Jewish folks are still around, and so is Germany.

But it becomes part of the culture, it gets passed on. Our youth pick it up, learn it, and continue to fuel the flames. It becomes a self sustaining system with future generations providing an endless supply of energy to counteract entropy.

The only way to stop it is through external action. Through deliberate action. That is the only way. People do not just one day up and think to themselves, “Wow, I’ve been hating latinos all this time. Boy was I wrong, I guess I’ll stop doing that now.”

No, it takes civil rights movements, and outside influences. It takes a reeducation of younger generations to counteract the damage done by their predacessors, and it takes court intervention.

Intervention such as Brown v Board of Education.

But, if John Roberts would have it his way, it’s time to go on backwards… About thirty years backwards I’d say.

In a key little tidbit from the post linked to above, Justice John Paul Stevens lowered the boom:

The Chief Justice, in his oral announcement of the ruling, insisted that the Court was remaining faithful to Brown v. Board of Education in barring public school districts from assigning students on the basis of race. Answering that, Justice John Paul Stevens said in dissent that there was a “cruel irony” in making that claim, because it involved a rewriting of the history “of one of this Court’s most important decisions.” Stevens noted that he joined the Court in 1975, and asserted that “no member of the Court” at that time “would have agreed with today’s decision.”

Wow, our SCOTUS is behind by over thirty years. How sad. Way to go Bush for giving us this court we get to deal with long after you’re gone.

Well, at least we can say this for today. At least the court can’t do any more damage until October.

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