The Anti-Midas

Before Bush took the White House, he had no end of interesting jobs. Most of the time, his ventures were marked by poor decisions and failure. Then he became governor of Texas.

Despite a terrible record as a business man, part of Bush’s cultivated image was that of the “CEO President”, a man who anything he touched turned to gold.

As it turned out, millions of Americans were wrong, and as opposed to everything the man touched turning to gold… it just fell apart. Iraq, attempts to privatize Social Security, education… just everything. Sometimes it feels like we’re trying to hold this country together with popsicle sticks and duct tape.

So back when Bush announced that he was goint to try and broker peace between Palestinians and Israeli’s, vowing to create a Palestinian state after his reelection in 04, it should have been a no brainer… DON’T LET HIM NEAR ISRAEL!

Because that concept, too, has fallen apart. When the anti-Israeli military group won widespread elections, that was a warning sign, and now that they have used military force to take over the Gaza Strip, it seems that chances for a peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians is further away than ever.

After his reelection in 2004, Bush said he would use his “political capital” to help create a Palestinian state by the end of his second term. In his final 18 months as president, he faces the prospect of a shattered Palestinian Authority, a radical Islamic state on Israel’s border and increasingly dwindling options to turn the tide against Hamas and create a functioning Palestinian state.
“The two-state vision is dead. It really is,” said Edward G. Abington Jr., a former State Department official who was once an adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Now I’m not saying this is ALL his fault, of course it isn’t, but am I the only one who’s noticed that everything this man touches turns to crap?

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