The Bitch Returns To Hardball

(h/t Think Progress and Memeorandum)

There are some people who, apparently, feel neither shame nor embarassment. Alberto Gonzales is one, a man who is so universally disliked and disapproved of outside the office of the President of the United States, it would take a special kind of inability to feel shame and embarassment to keep your post. Me… I would be clenching and ducking photographers straight to my desk to pen my resignation.

Another good one is Ann Althouse, who, enjoyed the uproar over her sexual interpretation of the Hillary Clinton/Sopranos video, then, without any kind of shame whatsoever, claimed it was all a clever reverse psychologizing event cooked up to get blogs linking to her (mvdg does a good little parody of this), and then goes back to defending her original analysis, which was silly in the first place! Shameless.

But there is only one queen of shamelessness. There is only one woman who, upon opening her mouth, is capable of spewing IQ dropping vitriole ad nauseum without even knowing it, and then act surprised when people throw pies in her face. She spews the most wretched of wingut filth, not even bothering to act decent, and throws a fit when people call her out on the carpet for it:

Yes boys and girls, it’s Ms. Ann coulter, and she’ll be on the next Hardball. No matter what happens, we can’t get rid of her. The right loves her because she gets to say what everyone is thinking and doesn’t manage to get slammed for it too terribly often, and while the left absolutely abhors her, we keep talking about her, which only builds her up more.

I say we as liberals should unite against this scourge! Turn off your tv sets, shut down your livestreams! Don’t watch Hardball with Coulter as the guest! Let’s send Matthews and MSNBC a clear message that she ain’t making them any money any more!

And since I have no cable, and my work internet is having issues with MSNBC lately, can someone… um… get me a transcript, please?

UPDATE: If you think my language regarding Miss Coulter is a little harsh, here’s why.

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