The Cost Of The ISG

$300,000. That’s an important figure. It’s the amount of money Giuliani raised giving speeches when he should have been working with the Iraq Study Group. It is also the amount of money he could have gone without to save his doomed campaign, but why quibble over small change.

As Big Tent Democrat points out over at Talk Left:

Here’s the thing — Rudy did not voluntarily resign. He was told to show up or quit. He chose to turn his back on working to help the country on the Iraq issue BECAUSE he needed the time to cash in on 9/11.

Okay, let’s slow down a little. Spring of last year, the Iraq Study Group was appointed, of which “America’s Mayor” was supposedly apart. But instead of working with the important group, he opted to give some fundraising speeches, one right in the center of America’s heartland… South Korea.

As a result, he missed out on working with the group, but he pocketed a cool three hundred grand, so all is to the good, right? He gets his name on the ISG, but doesn’t have to worry about losing time sucking up those donor dollars. Win-win.

Except, James Baker didn’t see it as a win win. He saw it as a “win-screw you” situation wherein Rudy got the win of being part of the ISG, but the ISG got screwed by having someone on their roster that didn’t pull any weight.

So he told Rudy to work or resign. Rudy resigned.

Now, as this is coming to light, the campaign has released one of the weakest excuses ever.

“Once again, the paper wrote a story with little regard to the facts. The facts are these – as someone considered a potential presidential candidate, the Mayor didn’t want the group’s work to become a political football. That, coupled with time constraints, led to his decision.”

Er yeah, that’s the ticket… Political football… They’ll buy that. Only, we won’t. I won’t anyway. As a political football, at a time when Iraq is the number one issue facing voters, you couldn’t drag me away from the ISG if only so I can have my name attached.

And aside from that, it would be an actual real world experience believable bit of proof that when Giuliani opened his mouth, he might actually have half of a clue of what was coming out of it. Even further, if you want to have all cynicism removed, it may actually allow him to have more of a grasp of what’s going on over there that might actually make him a better candidate for president. A damn site better than the 300k he took instead.

So that dog don’t, as they say, hunt.

But I said at the beginning of this that his campaign is doomed, so I should clarify that a bit. If you’ve read anything I’ve written on Giuliani, I don’t go a post about him without expressing my great belief that the whole campaign is going to collapse around his ears. This is primarily because the man is campaigning almost completely and totally off of the fact that he was Mayor of New York City during the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

This is not particularly wise considering his own record is nowhere near as pristine as he seems to have convinced himself, and I think it is only a matter of time before his bona fides get yanked out from under him like a loose rug on a polished hard wood floor. As a result, the only way to combat this is to beef up the rest of his bona fides, especially in the area of foreign affairs and naitonal security in order to quell his hawkish base.

You know do things like, I dunno, maybe participate in the Iraq Study Group? Maybe? You think? It’s a thought.

But instead he went for the cash, and let an opportunity slip through his fingers, and he doesn’t even cover it well. So if anything, this only goes to reinforce what I’ve been saying thus far, this man will in all likelihood not be our president.

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