The Ultimate Non-Campaign

It seems almost as though 2007 is shaping up to be the year of the “non-campaign”.

First you got Fred Thompson, with his little internet spat with Michael Moore and an incredible groundswell of support from the conservative base not thrilled with their choices of candidates. Before his announcement, which we’re told should come any day now, he’s already doing well in some early states, and according to some polls has even overtaken Giuliani’s top spot without even stepping foot in the ring.

Then you have Michael Bloomberg who INSISTS that he isn’t running as an independant presidential candidate, despite the hullabaloo that was sparked by his announcement to renounce the GOP. To shore up this claim, there are whispers that he’s got his eyes on the Governorship of New York and not the White House. Still, if the man thinks he can buy the White House once the major parties have chosen their standard bearers, you can bet the man is gonna enter and enter big.

Hell, even Ralph Nader seems to be stoking some fire under a possible Nader run, and hey, I think there might even be half a dozen people who actually care.

But if you want the hands down end all number one non campaign, the award has to go to Vice President Al Gore. According to Politico, recent polling indicates that if Al were to enter the race, he would IMMEDIATELY jump to the head of the class in New Hampshire.

And this from a man who has probably been the most vehement in denying he’s going to seek the White House.

But this makes sense. His whirlwind tours could be seen either as early bird stumping, or promotion for his movie and then his book. He’s managed to become something of a pop icon, especially among young environmentalists and democratic activists.

And there’s definitely a whole lot of people who think that we should be seeing the tail end of a Gore presidency, not hoping for a second shot at beginning one.

What’s even more beautiful in this for Gore should he choose to run is that with such a strong support base standing for him in New Hampshire, that’s a HUGE leg up. It’s hard to predict given the shake up of the primary schedule, but a lot of people think that the old standard is gonna hold. You have to show strong in at least Iowa or New Hampshire.

If this is the logic, and Gore is winning New Hampshire without even trying, then what he can do is essentially leave a skeleton crew there to maintain that support. He can then blitz Iowa to wrestle from John Edwards the support he has there, or he can develop a strong structure in South Carolina and work on the hold that Obama and Hillary have there.

Essentially, should this poll hold to be true, this could give the Vice President a prime opportunity to hem up two of the big three, spoiling the current frontrunners, and making taking the rest of the board a relatively easy thing.

But, in true non campaign fashion, The Vice President is still sticking to his guns… he ain’t running.

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