The Wrong List

There are a lot of lists out there. Some lists are good to be on. Some are so good that it’s okay to be second, or even just in the top ten, you just want you some of that listy goodness. For instance, if there was an undisputed top political blogs list (which, I suppose it’s hard for anything on the internet to go undisputed), I totally wouldn’t mind settling for second or even third or fourth on that list… It’s just that good of a list.

And of course there are bad lists. Lists so heinous forget hoping you are low in the ranking, you don’t even want to be associated with it at all. These are the kind of lists that let you know that something is very very wrong with you.

So in a blow to Iraqi nationalism, it turns out that Iraq has appeared on a very… very… bad list. Among the kinds of lists that you don’t want to be on, top ten failed states is one of them, worse still, you don’t want to rise to the number two spot.

As mvdg points out, at least “Iraq is not number one.”

(triple crown hat tip here to mvdg, Cernig, and as always memeorandum. I am spreadin’ some love around today folks)

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