Up Down

If the fate of the immigration bill were a roller coaster, it’d be one hell of a ride. Seeing as it is NOT a roller coaster, however, this whole deal is just getting tedious.

Hitting the wires overnight, just when it was looking as though the little bill that could actually might, it’s now looking again like it most likely won’t.

At this point, I just want the whole damn thing over. It’s not that great of a bill anyway, and if I have to read the word “Shamnesty” ever again it’ll be too soon.

The problem with the immigration argument is essentially that we’re looking at the wrong things. We’re taking the most upfront bandaid approach to the problem, paying no attention to the underlying problems underneath.

For instace, WE NEED A FENCE! A WALL! You have to have one, illegal immigration detractors will tell you. You have to shore up our boarders and keep people from coming in. But I don’t think that’s going to necessarily work.

People who want to come over here will find a way, it’s that simple. Build a wall, people will go over it, around it, through it, under it, any way they can. The counter argument to this is yeah, but it’ll slow down the influx of illegals into the nation.

Sure, I agree, but who are we slowing down? Are we slowing down the National Security Threats? Are we slowing down the drug smugglers? Oh, no. Those are the people that will find a way around your little wall. The people who won’t make it are the large families, pregnant mothers, the sick. Those people who would be incapacitated. All the healthy young Messkins that can come over to steal our jobs will find a way, and so will the terrorists, and the coke peddlers.

On the other hand, should we make a path to legalization EASIER, much of the problem would be solved. If, say, citizenship took a couple days instead of years, you wouldn’t have massive amounts of people dashing into the country unchecked. If it’s EASIER to become a citizen, I believe a far larger percentage of the people coming will stop doing so illegally than any wall could prevent.

And we would be able to document them, and tax them. Immigrants would no longer be “free loaders” or a “burden on the system” because they would be forced to pay their way. We are talking WIN WIN here. More money, and easier accountability.

And if you REALLY want to stop Messkins from crossing our border, you need to find a way to politely bitch slap the Mexican government into shape. This is something I don’t know how to fix, sorry folks, I’m not omniscient, just REALLY close. But if you are dead serious about curbing immigration for Mexico, illegal or otherwise, that should be your focal point.

There’s only one reason people are coming here, and that’s because they think they can get something better over here; better jobs, better security, better services, a better life. That means they’re government is failing them, and as long as it continues to do so, we’re going to have a “problem.”

I put problem into quotation marks because I don’t necessarily see it as such. I love this batshit crazy country of mine. Frustrates the piss out of me lots, and sometimes surprises me. But it’s hard not to fall in love with the basic principles upon which this country was founded, and the ideals for which it stands.

Carved in bronze, at perhaps the single most recognizable landmark not just in America, but maybe the world, are words that have always rung true for me.

Truer words could hardly be written about a country OF immigrants.

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