Welcome To The Subpoena Rodeo!

Well, now that Rahm Emmanuel has demoted Arch Chancelor Cheney to Vice President Cheney, that means we get to treat El Vampiro like the mere mortal he is. And you know what that means boys and girls…


Yeehaa! Gather round and watch as congress attempts to subpoena documents related to Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping progam.

I say attempt because do you honestly think El Presidente and El Vampiro are gonna just hand over those documents with a smile? Hell no!

Wait… Wait… lemme get out my crystal ball…

The future is hazy… it is hazy… but wait… I see something. It’s The Commander Guy… He’s… He’s spouting off about 911… Yeah… He’s talking about protecting us from terrorists… He’s dodging questions about the midnight raid on John Ashcroft’s hospital bed, and he’s repeating ad nauseum that it’s a vital program… it’s a vital program… It’s vital in protecting us from terrorists. If we don’t let the government eavesdrop on us, we’re all gonna die… We’re all gonna die… We’re all gonna die…

Hey Rudy? When did you get in here?

Oh, sorry.

Yeah, in other words, let’s get the wagons circled kids, we got ourselves another Rodeo on our hand. At this point I don’t care what the documents reveal, I’m just anxious to find out what the next excuse the administration is going to give for not letting us see them.

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