Who Needs A Pardon?

As it turns out, there’s a possibility that Bush may not need to worry about pardoning Libby at all. Nope, see, all you gotta do is rig the “justice” system in your favor.

See Judge Walton was the wrong judge to have on the case because he forgot the secret rule: we don’t throw Republicans in jail (unless your hands are really tied a la Abramoff or Cunningham. We’ll cut those judges some slack). But when the crime is merely lying under oath, and impeding a criminal investigation, everyone knows that the right thing to do is throw the case away!

If Romney is willing to consider a pardon… come on, you know something smells.

If dozens of upstanding conservative operatives write you letters saying “Let My Libby Go!”, you know your duty not only to Libby, but to the American people.

If the right wingnut-o-sphere is in an uproar pronouncing the case a sham and unfair, then who are you to say they’re wrong?

But apparently Walton didn’t get the memo, so who needs him? We’ll get ourselves a real judge, one like David Sentelle, yeah, he’s a good one who knows how to overturn rulings against republicans.

And ooh, maybe he’ll appoint Kenneth Starr again…

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