You Mean We Actually Want The Bill?

A VERY interesting poll just released by the LA Times/Bloomberg points to the fact that not only are congressional Republicans out of step with the nation, they are growing out of step with their own voters.

As it turns out, Americans actually SUPPORT the legislation blocked by Senate Republicans earlier this week. In an interesting blow to those who have been screaming “AMNESTY!” at the top of their lungs like some strange battle cry, it turns out that a majority of Americans don’t want to grant Amnesty, per se, but are willing to allow for a path to legal citizenship for those who pay the fine and follow the provisions of the bill as written.

Even funnier. There is a LARGER majority of Republicans that are for this (by about two points).

Only 23% of adults surveyed opposed allowing undocumented immigrants to gain legal status. That finding bolsters the view, shared by President Bush, that the bill’s opponents represent a vocal minority whereas most people are more welcoming toward illegal immigrants.”They are willing to take jobs that our people aren’t interested in, and I think this helps the economy,” Joseph Simpkins, a retired dry cleaner in New Jersey who participated in the survey, said in a follow-up interview. “As long as they pay taxes, I see nothing wrong with having them become citizens.”

So, with this in mind, I think there are a couple of reasonable questions to ask of the Republican party currently occupying the Hill. Have they been hijacked by the xenophobic extremist faction of the party? Or is this more along the lines of more obstructionist politicking to prevent Democrats from having anything close to a win? Or maybe they really are just that far out from what America wants. Couldn’t find ANY evidence of that, could I? (*ahem* Iraq, Stem Cell research, Gonzo, and now immigration?)

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