President George W. Bush wishes that the 65% being attached to him was his approval rating. Indeed, this is actually pretty close to the approval ratings that President Clinton was receiving DURING the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but no, as for our current Commander in Chief, the time of 65% in a good light is long since gone.

No, the 65% now associated with President Bush is his disapproval rating, the second highest disapproval attached to a president in polling history. The only president to beat Bush out was President Nixon… four days before he resigned to avoid impeachment.

And things don’t look like they are going to get much better. Iraq’s still a mess, people still want to drawdown our presence there and yet Bush still wants to add more troops, meanwhile, here at home, his Social Security initiative had failed, NCLB passed but turned out to be an unfunded mandate with little benefit and popularity, and scandal doesn’t surround the White House, it’s literally swarming.

In the same year that Cheney’s aide I. “Scooter” Libby was sentenced to jail and then had his sentence commuted, it looks as though Bush’s Attorney General is going to start on the same road as Libby.

But let’s be fair. At this point looking at how much of a debacle this presidency is for the most part academic. We won’t get to vote this guy out, and trying to bring about an impeachment will be like pulling teeth for grass and netroots considering that prominent Democrats in congress aren’t anxious to do so; they are worried about fostering even more divide and bitterness in a country that already is very angry with the federal government.

On the other hand, there is a reason to remember this, to study it and document it. There’s a greater narrative that we must always keep in mind as this moving tragedy rolls along its unfortunate path. Bush is everything a president should not be; intellectually un-curious, unempathetic, out of touch with the people he governs, and unmindful of their will, and most of all irresponsible to a criminal degree. But this is only part of the narrative; we allowed this to happen. We as a nation mocked Al Gore for challenging his election results, turning the hanging chad into a long running political joke to be bandied about the morning radio talk shows. We engaged in a mass cult of personality that temporarily created a bubble wherein whatever the president chose had to be right, as opposed to the nature of dissent that the founders intended to strengthen the presidency, the government, and the people of this nation. In 2004 we allowed the presidential campaign to be turned into a gladiator battle, one in which Bush’s gladiators were far more willing to draw blood than Kerry, and we remained willfully ignorant to the substance, biting hard on every little rumor and ignoring the ideals of rationale and reason.

The old saw dictates that you get the government you deserve. This is true for peoples around the world. In our very Declaration of Independence, the onus, the DUTY of overthrowing unjust governments lies not with the government, but with the people. This is the heart of our rugged individualistic spirit; we are to cast off our own shackles and chains.

And the single greatest weapon we have in this respect is a well informed and passionately engaged electorate. We have fallen so far from this standard, that we allowed perhaps the worst president in our nation’s history not just to be elected and keep his job, but to actually be reelected, and hijack this country for his own malinformed agenda.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just as the human body replaces itself every seven years, we too have the opportunity replace and ultimately replenish our governement, and in a little over a year from now we have the opportunity to do just that. So let’s learn from the mistakes of the past, and start the healing now.

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