.65 Degrees

For some reason Global Warming is still a bitterly contested phenomenon in American debate today. People just don’t think it exists I suppose, or if it does, it’s not a big deal, it won’t effect our way of life, and probably not our kids. Maybe our grandkids, but we’ll be dead through most of that so what’s the big fuss? They can fend for themselves.

Perhaps one of the most oft repeated arguments from he heel draggers on Global Warming sounds something like, “So what? What big deal does a few degrees make?”

It’s a good argument, we feel temperature changes all the time, and can tolerate actually pretty rapid and severe temperature changes, all things considered. But the Earth, and the complexity of its many varied systems can’t.

As reported today, a recent study has shown to link the increased number of hurricanes experienced through the year with Global Warming. But I really want to focus on one statistic, basically an increase in average sea temperature of .65 degrees, not even a full degree, has contributed an increase of about five hurricanes per year.

Now, I know that there’s some dissenting opinion here, and some of it has to do with how far back the data goes for this report, but the logic, I think, still stands. We know that a big factor for how hurricanes are formed in the first place is water temperature which is partly why hurricane season exists in summer time.

Plus, let’s look at Katrina. She had hit Florida pretty hard, but what allowed her to turn into the absolute monster that ravaged New Orleans was the fact that she went through the gulf of Mexico where the water is considerably warmer thereby feeding the storm to catastrophic levels. So even if you don’t buy into warmer water equalling more storms, one thing that you must understand is that warmer water equals much much stronger storms.

Now, let’s go back to that .65 degrees, and try to imagine how that would effect things if you cranked it up to a whole degree, or maybe two. Big difference just a little warming makes, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Big thanks to Real Clear Politics for linking in.

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