Bill O’Liely: Still A Dumbass

Oh! I finally get it. See, I’m sorry I’m slow on the uptake, but despite my incessant pleas, my wife won’t allow me to get cable, so I don’t have the pleasure of watching Fox News everyday, but I finally understand.

It’s actually parody! Everything makes so much more sense now; it’s like a twenty-four hour version of the Daily Show. This explains everything, like how Bill O’Liely shut off the mic on Jane Hall before she had a chance to make her point when talking about the DailyKos/YearlyKos kerfluffle.

As you undoubtedly know by now, Bill made a huge stink on his show about the comments in the comments section of the wildly popular DailyKos liberal blog. Within hours of that clip hitting the internets, blogs were popping up with equally heinous comments on Bill’s very own site.

During an apparent follow up, Bill O’Liely comes back to the topic and Jane Hall brings this to his attention, not as her main point, but to make a further point. We don’t get to hear that point, however, because in an apparent fit of parody, Bill cuts her mic, claims that what she is saying isn’t true, and quickly ends the segment before anyone has a chance to catch what kind of a phony lying sack of shit he really is. Oh, and did I mention hipocrite? That one is kind of important.

But it all makes sense. You see, it was all done as a means of satire. I mean this is all pee in your pants hillarious if you look at it in the right light, yeah? And we can go ahead and cut her mic off at that point because her point is inherently obvious; blogs and political websites everywhere are subjected to heinous comments that don’t reflect the opinions of the authors. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean that the owners of the website endorse that opinion, or even share it.

I mean, look at this site and xranger.

So I guess I can calm down and relax and laugh at the joke for what it is. Jeez, why didn’t one of you guys let me in on the gag earlier…


It’s not a gag?


Note: While we don’t actually endorse xranger’s comments, his input here is welcome just as everyone else’s is. Actually, considering he’s one of our longest running readers here, his input is extremely valuable… just frequently wrong.

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Final note: Bill O’Liely is still a dumbass.

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