Brown Weathering First Storm

If you blinked over here in the US, you may just have missed it. England got hit by a pretty wicked nasty storm, and many places are experiencing extreme flooding. The incident, not garnering a whole lot of noise on this side of the puddle (maybe because radical islamist terrorists weren’t involved and Bush & Co. have yet to find a way to link them to it), over there this is proving to be the first real test for newly installed Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

And it seems that the new guy isn’t doing too badly. Cernig over at the Newshoggers has up a pretty good rundown and overview of the occurance and how the one time Chancellor of the Ex-Chequer (damn Brits and their weird spelling) is holding up.

Apparently the results are a mixed bag, but overall looking good for Brown. According to C, he gets some of the bag for not having the foresight in shoring up centuries old infrastructure and preventative structures for such an emergency, but initial response is seemingly rapid, organized, and effective.

My spin in the whole thing is pretty simple. What’s past is past. Despite the barking of the Army Corps of Engineers, the calls that New Orleans needed to be fixed prior to Hurricane Katrina was almost an after thought in the blatant failures of the government in that awful episode. Much more damning were the inadequate and embarrassing actions of FEMA, the multitudes of poor people who were killed or left to wade in water amid bodies of their deceased neighbors. People crowded in the Superdome like refugees from a third world country bore startling images that will haunt our nation’s history for generations to come.

And in the context of the everpresent terror threat that Bush insists on reminding us of everytime he gets within shouting distance of a microphone, watching this government’s emergency machine in action is downright terrifying. God, one is left to think, I really hope I don’t have to put MY life in these guys’ hands.

The story we see across the puddle is different. Sure, leading up to the emergency things could have been done, but the fact that Brown responded in a rapid, calm, and effective manner I think lends hope to the idea that this guy may just know what he’s doing.

So, C… wanna trade? At least until January of 2009? I PROMISE we’ll give him back… depending on who we elect, of course.

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