Camp Fred Already In Distress?

Former Senator and Lobbyist, Fred Thompson, has been flirting with a presidential for a long time now. Real long time. In fact, some enthusiastic supporters and quick draw tea leaf readers were predicting a late June announcement while the rest of us were looking at the Fourth of July, or around that time for his entrance into the main fray.

He’s a little bit late so far.

Which makes it really interesting that before officially even getting into the race, Thompson’s already shaking up his campaign staff… before they are even allowed to call themselves a campaign.

This is usually the kind of thing you don’t see until someone starts to flail; a last ditch effort when it looks like your campaign may end sooner than you would like it too a la John McCain. Campaign structural reconfigurations happen at the end of the campaign, not, one wouldn’t think as a rule, before it even got started… especially if you are, like Thompson is, running a non-campaign.

Which begs the ultimate question: why? Why has the announcement been delayed? Why are we already undergoing major structural upheavals?

Rumors abound, many to do with Thompson’s wife, and an apparent inability for Jeri Thompson and Tom Collamore to play nice with each other. Maybe the polls might have something to do with it. It’s more than possible that Thompson was looking to make an announcement after he was already leading most major polls, and yet that has not happened yet. Given how late it’s getting in the primary season, it’s growing more and more vital that Thompson start off with a stronger base of support, especially when you take into account that the most predictable poll trend will be an initial bump followed by a slow downward trend until he levels out to his “fighting weight”.

Who knows? All I do know is that things in Fredland may not necessarily be as rosy as they seem.

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