CNN/YouTube Debate Liveblog

Well, here we are, with forty minutes prior to the debate, it’s time to put up the post and get ready for the debate.

This debate is set at The Citadel, a military collegiate academy in South Carolina. Unlike other debates, ALL questions during this two hour debate come from Youtube users instead of journalists, throwing a monkey wrench into the highly controlled nature of campaigns.

Here’s how things work. The actual liveblogging will occure below in the comments section. A yellow bar will appear whenever a new comment is added, and to see the new addition, all you have to do is click on that little bar, and the new comments will be shown for you.

Also, we welcome any and all contributors so long as you keep your comment relatively decent, and you don’t engage in spam.

By now you probably are hearing some music and voices in the background. This is a result of a trailor for a movie that I reviewed earlier today, No End In Sight. All you really need do is scroll down and pause the trailor, or be patient and it will end shortly.

Finally, in the hopes of not cluttering the liveblogging event with blog plugs, you may introduce yourself upon entering the discussion, should you choose to join, but otherwise, if you email to (info(dot)cflc(at)gmail(dot)com) your website information, I will be happy to toss your blog a plug tomorrow when I post the final analysis for the debate.

I hope you find the following entertaining and informative, and most of all, I hope you join us for this Democratic Debate.

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