Davis Granted 90 Day Stay

(h/t to Mick Arran)

A few days ago I had written about the unhappy fate of a man set to die by the name of Troy Davis. Convicted for shooting an off duty cop, even the evidence brought to trial could, I suppose, provide a shadow of a doubt as to Davis’ innocence. Apparently much of the testimony was coerced, and investigators still had yet to find the murder weapon.

And the story didn’t fit. Davis, who had previously only a minor charge against him (a concealed weapon he pled guilty too, but had said wasn’t his), had taken a physical and was set to join the marines. 20 years old and employed by a fencing company, there seems to be little understanding why someone who seems to be getting ready to start life would engage in behavior so heinous.

And then testimony was recanted. Several witnesses signed tot he statement effectively saying they were wrong in their testimony, and others said they simply made it up. Recently, other’s who did not testify had stepped up to name someone completely different in the shooting.

So with merely hours remaining, Davis’ attorneys were working strenuously to get a stay, a commutation, anything that would give them the chance that now, at the eleventh hour, the case against their client, the case that had resulted in him being convicted and sentenced to death, was crumbling away.

My cynicism towards this kind of thing has by now reached epic proportions. I honestly expected Davis to be executed. Attorneys involved had expressed their frustration, commenting that now that the conviction was set, people were shutting their eyes. and turning away.

But, to my surprise, Davis got his stay.

It is my sincere hope that Davis’ innocence will finally be proven. As we read more and more reports it is really looking as though the original portrait painted by prosecutors was exactly that, a portrait, a fiction, and over time it’s crumbling away.

So I hope that Davis’ is not just granted his life, but also his freedom from this. But more than that, I want to see if this will change the debate. I want to see if getting this close to executing and innocent man will change some minds, or do we really have to go all the way?

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