Democrat Christmas

You remember back when Fitzgerald was doing his thing, and all the Democrat and Progressive… everyone… were calling it Fitzmas? Man, I think that may be topped.

Okay, so we got Rove, Bolton, Miers, and Jennings all under subpoena, with Miers and Bolton in serious danger of being held in contempt.

Then you got Gonzo, yeah just earlier today, senators decided to go ahead and call for a special investigation into perjury (which should be pretty easy to prove).

And now, there seem to be rumors floating around that Rudy may not enter the Republican version of the Youtube debates. With Mitt uncommitted, and no telling how this would play out among the rest of the field, this has the potential of being absolutely, deliciously, catastrophic for GOP presidential hopefuls.

Ah, but let’s not get our hopes up too soon. There’s no way Rudy can be that stupid not to partake in the Youtube debates right?

Okay, so maybe he is that stupid but the rest of the field wouldn’t jump off the same cliff. No way… I mean, I know the Republicans have a pretty solid track record of ignoring what the people want, but they would have to at least make it look like they’re willing to stand up to the people’s questions. That’s just common sense.

Still, one can hope.

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