Don’t Hold Back, Nancy

After posting last night that warning shots were being fired that White House aides could be charged with contempt of Congress, it seems as though what was a threat is now a promise.

From a San Francisco workshop, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised that unless Harriet Miers gets down to the Hill and testifies under oath she WILL be charged with contempt.

Now, my feelings towards the Democratic leadership in congress right now are mixed. I’m a little disappointed in some things; particularly I’m not thrilled with them shutting the book on any possibility of impeachment. Since hopping the fence and joining the pro-impeachment camp, I’ve been considerably vocal in my reasoning.

This administration needs to be brought to justice, and future administrations need to be made aware that this type of behavior is not tolerated.

On the other hand, I’m sympathetic to the plight of the narrow Democratic majority. I don’t fault them for not being able to end the war in Iraq, and have come to the grim realization that obstructionist Republicans who actually are beginning to oppose the Iraq War are still carrying water for it. That’s a steep slope to try and climb on a small majority that can’t even break a filibuster.

And there are some things I’m happy with and this is one of them. Some may call it partisan bickering, some might even use the term bloodlust. But you know something? There’s very little about this administration that isn’t dirty, and they need the screws put to them. If that means that Harriet Miers needs to go to jail, I find myself strangely unconcerned. If that means president Bush needs to be censured or impeached, I don’t see a smile getting wiped off my face.

What this is about is turning the Department of Justice into an extended branch of the political arm of the White House, and that is simply wrong. And I will cheer on anyone who is willing to call the administration out on the carpet for it.

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