Georgia DA McDade Should Be Prosecuted for Distribution of Child Pornography

David McDade is the overzealous DA of Douglas County, Georgia, who pursued a felony conviction and 10 year sentence against Genarlow Wilson for doing what about half of America has done – having sex as a minor with another minor.

A subsequent ruling by a sensible court, presumably on a State Habeas petition, held that the sentence is unconstitutionally excessive. Oddly, this sensible ruling has driven wild-eyed McDade bat shit insane. In his continuing campaign to justify the unjustifiable 10 year sentence, McDade has taken it upon himself to release the video of the 17 year old Wilson having sex with the minor girls.

Unlike Wilson, McDade did not have the consent of the minor girls or Wilson who was also a minor at the time of the video.

Does distribution of this material violate federal child pornography laws? You bet. McDade is betting that the Righty US Attorney in Georgia will simply ignore his crime. Hell, its only black people he’s victimizing. Think of the furor if the video was of a white minor, say Elizabeth Smart.

More disingenuously, McDade claims the release was mandated by Georgia’s Open Records Act; something virtually every state has.

Does that law mandate the violation of federal child pornography laws? Of course not. Every Open Court and Records law is subject to common sense exceptions – whether created specifically by the statute, federal law or even Judge-made common law. McDade certainly knew such a video would easily be protected by a request for a protective order. Instead of requesting one from the Court, placing the issue where it should have been, he took it on himself, without prior notice to all interested parties, to victimize the minors in the video in an attempt to show Wilson having – eww, yuckey – sex.

If the girls are victims as McDade claims, his act in releasing the video without their consents has victimized them worse than anything Wilson did. McDade deserves a prison sentence in excess of anything Wilson received.

2 Responses to “Georgia DA McDade Should Be Prosecuted for Distribution of Child Pornography”

  1. Jeff says:

    Mr. McDade is an example of how the far right is destroying this country.
    The far right doesn’t care about the majority thought process, just how THEY feel.

    Jail Mr. McDade for 2 years. That sounds fair.

  2. Yuzukcu says:

    Well, here’s my two cents… far as I know, there is a law preventing the defense from even viewing such material, but not the prosecution (well, after Wilson v. State of Georgia, there was). Further, distributing material that constitutes to child porn is against federal law (again, far as I know) – the claim is that McDade not only gave it to people involved in the case, people-of-the-law, but ‘members of the public’ meaning, there is a video involving sex AMONG minors floating around somewhere, and some guy, some day, may be convicted because of it. I think if that day ever comes, he should say in his defense, “I got this from David McDade.. well, the guy I got it from did anyway… and so did the guy he got it from…!”

    Further, as to possibly WHY McDade hasn’t gotten the consent of the “victims” (open ended, not suggesting they aren’t, not suggesting they are; no contest on that concept in this context) because, far as he was concerned, since they weren’t “of age”, their consent wasn’t “legal” anyway.

    But what he did, not just with the case with the punishment of 10-years-with-NPP and not using the power he had to set aside the charges intentionally, is to, in effect or in essence, distribute child pornography. “Prosecutorial ego” (as stated by the ESPN one time) it is, but he has taken it to the level of “prosecutorial ego masturbation”. How’s THAT for poetic debauchery!?

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