GOP Like’s Rudy’s Electability…

…And I couldn’t be happier!

I am dead serious about this. According to a poll, it seems that with the fate of the White House most likely to go to the Democratic nominee, Goppers are lining up behind Rudy based on his electability.

Now, I want to take an aside here and just kinda bask in this for a moment. Oh, no, not at the prospect of having over a full year left to destroy Rudy utterly and thoroughly (I have yet to even pull out the big punches… I’m saving those for AFTER the nomination)… No, no, no. Right now I just want to bask in what makes Rudy electable. The fact that he is a social liberal.

It’s almost as though all these Evangelists and socially conservative wingnuts are actually having to admit that they are not inline with mainstream America. Despite what so many people seemed to think, it turned out that the 2004 election may not have exactly been a mandate to spread fundamentalist Christianity through our government. Just think on that for a moment… Republicans are grudgingly admitting that they’ll have to vote for a baby-killing fag-lover if they have any prayer of keeping the White House…

And I am simply SALIVATING at the prospect. (Okay, now’s where I bask in the glow of a Rudy Giuliani nomination).

I’ve said written this at least half a dozen times on this site alone, and I’ve repeated it ad nauseum in political discussions just about everywhere: Rudy’s campaign will implode. This is not tea leave reading, this is not my best guess, this is my solid prediction. Barring a VERY major event (We political stargazers do have to make this disclaimer. Never under estimate the effects of the October surprise), Rudy will not be our president.

And why, might you ask? Because as a politician running the campaign that he is running, he is so easily picked apart that a two year old could do it. I’m thinking of actually training my three year old daughter to break every single one of Rudy’s arguments down just in time to make a classic Youtube video for everyone to enjoy, it’s quite literally that easy.

The fact is, Rudy’s got a very 2004 mindset, believing he can win off of the Bush political campaign blueprint. At every turn we hear this guy talking about how Democrats will put us on the defense in the war on terrorism, which is absolutely HILARIOUS when you take into account that what he considers being on offense actually CREATES MORE TERRORISTS!

Just earlier today Bush was bemoaning the threat of al Qaeda in Iraq, an organization that wouldn’t even be in existence had he not chosen to invade the country in the first place, and then botch the occupation (this too was a choice, you’ll learn that when you go see No End In Sight). The “Mayor” lauds his record on emergency response, and yet he can’t even get the endorsement of the very powerful International Association of Fire Fighters.

His sole deal on immigration? Tamper-proof ID cards. Yup. Let everyone else talk about everything else, the only thing Rudy has is these stupid little cards. And you wanna know something, folks? Given the rate at which technology grows, and the seemingly almost faster rate at which people learn how to circumvent technology, my faith in a tamper proof ID card is pretty low.

Go to war, lower taxes? NO PROBLEM! Who cares about things like the national debt and the deficit? Who cares about widing the already enormous chasm between the rich and the not rich? As long as the “Mayor” gets to campaign on lowering taxes, all is to the good.

In truth, I’ve already deconstructed the man once today, and going any more in depth would be just gratuitous, and probably a little crass. Just know this; the GOP likes Rudy? So do I.

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