I’ll Parent My Own Children Thank You Very Much

I happen to think I’m a pretty good parent… at least, I’m good enough to not necessarily need Congress’ help. But apparently they don’t think so; Senaot Inouye of Hawaii, and Senator Stevens of Alaska are both arguing for mandatory internet filtering.

They’re argument is that the internet is a dangerous place, but you know something guys, so is the world. And you put your little filters on that too, but you know what, that doesn’t protect the kids overmuch when they grow up and the filters are removed.

Stevens said, “Given the increasingly important role of the Internet in education and commerce, it differs from other media like TV and cable because parents cannot prevent their children from using the Internet altogether.” Right, and that is what supervision is about. This debate, it’s the same with the television debate, and the video game debate and everything else. Yes, there are bad culture stuffs out there in movies and computer games and music, but it is up to the PARENTS to be the filter. That’s their job… That’s MY job.

I’m with Newshogger Fester on one point, if Congress wants to increase awareness and see about putting up some kind of info campaign, than go to it. But as someone who uses the internet in the spirit of free expression frequently, I want to keep this medium exactly that, free. If someone wants to post movies depicting a chinchilla giving a blow job to a one armed midget, that’s their right. And its my responsibility to make sure my kids don’t watch it.

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