Is This What They Mean By "Culture of Corruption"?

A year after Alaska state legislator offices and offices of the Veco oil services company were raided, officials have raided the home of Republican Senator Ted Stevens, presumably as a continuation of last year’s events.

With renovations to his home in question, and loads of undisclosed documents being siezed, it looks like the 83-year-old Senator, and possibly the most politically powerful man in the state, is in… ahem… hot water.

My oh my, what’s a Senator with possible legal and ethics issues to do? Why, block congressional ethics reform, of course! While Stevens told Republican insiders including Arch Chancelor Dick Cheney that the ethics bill would interfere with his travel back and forth from Alaska, one has to wonder if maybe Stevens, along with his colleagues, may have issue with perhaps the bill’s lack of loopholes for Republicans.

Admittedly, I haven’t been following this story too terribly closely; I think the whole Republican politician involved in illegal activities is starting to get a little passe. But you have to at least admire the sheer humor of someone who’s currently under investigation by the feds having much of anything to do with an ethics bill moving through congress. It’s almost as though he’s missing the little voice in his head that should be saying, “You should probably keep your trap shut on this one,” right about now.

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