Kicking And Screaming

Earlier today, I had called “Captain” Ed out on the carpet for him carrying water for a man who does not in the slightest deserve it. Despite the flux of testimony and memoes it was almost as though Ed morrissey seemed incapable of coming out and saying that, okay yeah, maybe Gonzo committed a crime, as though clinging to this final idea that this administration is just incompetent, not criminal.

But when faced with evidence that pretty much eliminates wiggle room for Gonzo, Ed too finally succumbs to inevitability.

The evidence in question, an assurance from FBI Director Mueller that the gang of eight meeting was about the TSP in question, pretty much seals the deal.

To his credit, Ed finally cedes, albeit with a touch of defeated bitterness.

Well, this is not good for Gonzales, no matter how one wants to paint this. Gonzales made it quite clear yesterday that the conversation did not involve the TSP (see above). Mueller did not participate in the meeting, but instead spoke with Ashcroft immediately afterwards, and can reasonably be considered a reliable witness in this regard.

This seems like a very clear conflict. Gonzales testified that he did not discuss the TSP with Ashcroft, and Mueller says Ashcroft told him that the TSP was the subject of the conversation. There is virtually no wiggle room here. If Gonzo lied, he absolutely has to go.

(Note: I actually think Ed’s being rather gracious here, and I would like to express the respect I have for him on being honest about this. It would be all too easy for him to ignore the evidence and move on as if nothing happened.)

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