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I have never claimed to have been a blogging pioneer. There were many excellent voices exploring this medium way before I ever head of it. But, as our archives will attest, CFLF has been around for quite a while. Back in the good old days circa spring 2004, there were a handful of bloggers who helped me wrap my feeble mind around the world of blogging. I liken the experience to that of the old amateur ham radio operators or world of underground bulleting board systems (BBS) that sprung up just prior to the advent of the internet. It was a kind of geek-frontier if you will occupied by some of the greatest minds you have never heard of.

Sadly, many of those people who I consider friends have since dropped out of the blog-o-sphere for whatever reason. It is understandable. Blogging has rarely been confused with a gratifying pursuit. To be more blunt, it can really suck. You spend countless hours spilling your guts into the cyber-ether and often the only feedback you receive is some mindless insult hurled at 60 miles per hour by an anonymous antagonist.


Having recently joined the ranks of the formerly cloistered-20-something-world of Facebook, I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of these old MIA blog buddies. One of particular note, who will be quickly re added to our blog roll, is Mick Arran.

Here is Mick in his own words:

Working-class wonk and proud of it. Yah got a problem with that?

Before I got into financial difficulties a year ago and was forced offline, I wrote several blogs, including: Omnium; Ethel, the Early-Warning Frog; and Litblogs – a blog devoted to reviewing literary blogs and blogs that featured just plain good writing. I also wrote the breakthrough blog, Dispatch from the Trenches, later moved and renamed The Revolution (no longer available), which was one of the first single-issue blogs and one of the earliest to cover working-class issues exclusively. Somewhat later, I started the first (to my knowledge) blogzine, BlogTower (also no longer available).

You might say I was, for a short time, a legend in my own mind.

So without further adieu, I would like to take this initial POETS Day post to whore for Mick Arran – Witness for the Prosecution. Pay the man a visit, stick around, you will find it worth your while.

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